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Starting a business in 2012? or why Infographics are great viral content.

First week of 2012 and like most people, I am still powered by pre New Year Resolution adrenaline. This year will be different! I will do more, see more, be more and climb a mountain…or maybe a hill, perhaps a small hill, maybe some stair cases…

For those of you thinking of starting a new business, perhaps the following infographics will strike a chord. I found it while wandering around the internet and saw it plugged as a “cool infographics to pass on” this site. The general message that owning your own business I get, but I have no idea who Arise is and why there are information on why 88% of respondent prefers talking to US based customer representative. A bit of digging later and it turns our Arise is a company that provides Customer Service (sales and support) through their network of contracted agents. A clever concept and probably the first company I’ve seen that have rolled out the model globally.

So the whole message of “be an independent business owner” in this infographic really about “be an Arise contractor”. It makes perfect sense when you see the infographics in the context of their website, not so much when it goes viral. Definitely would have helped to have some content on “how to run your own business with Arise” rather than putting credibility facts on why use Arise stads out. The message is a bit confused, are they trying to target contractors or potential clients?

Lesson learned:

  1. Infographics are great viral material
  2. BUT they might end up being used in unexpected ways
  3. AND make sure you know the audience of your message.

virtual call center job opportunity

For those who are thinking of starting a business or looking for a way to make extra cash, you might want to check out TaskRabbit, a brilliant idea on finding people to do odd jobs. It’s only available in the US unfortunately, but quite a number of people who become TaskRabbit are doing so on a full time basis. For a snapshot on what errands a TaskRabbit might be asked to do check out the infographic here, taken from BostInno.

PS: this year part of my new year resolution is to blog more. Little tidbits on musings similar to these, catch you soon!

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