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Fitocracy – exercising like WOW!

Name one app that is still in beta, but is getting a lot of attention, have not released an iphone app as yet and yet have developed a loyal following. It’s not Pinterest , but Fitocracy. Like all social things, a friend of mine could not stop talking about this website and logging her exercise regime in order to unlock quests. Sounds like WOW to me, and that is exactly what it is.


Founded by two nerds who turned into nerdy fitness buffs, founders Brian Wang and Richard Talens managed to uncover a way to approach exercise the same way they would approach RPGs. Reward the pain with points and “quests” that are unlocked once you perform certain tasks (dancing during New Year’s Eve, or sitting on your butt). Ingenious and logging and doing becomes part of the fun rather than all of the pain. Talking of logging random activities, xkcd comics suggested a few other activities that should result in points…still being considered by the Fitocracy team I believe.

As for me, I am a lazy git and having to log activites on a website regardless of the points and levels I gain everytime I do is just too laborious for me. I tend to use Runkeeper that syncs quite nicely with Fitocracy for my runs and walks. In the meantime Fitocracy is working on their mobile app slowly oh so slowly, and I can’t wait until it’s done. It won’t surprise me that it will be in the running for next year’s Crunchies award.

If anything, the fact that redbull has taken up sponsorship of quests  earlier this year shows that the company is looking commercially viable once they are out of beta.

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