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Timeline is coming! Let’s all panic and hide our murky past

If you have been listening to the prophet of Facebook doom, or Triple J’s Hack¬†then you’re probably deleting and hiding all your not so witty or drunken facebook updates. Timeline is coming and it will be enforced whether you like it or not. I rather like the new layout, but have to admit I was a little alarmed at how easy it was for anyone to traipse through the last 5 or so years since I first ventured forth into the world of facebook. Like most other Australians, I joined Facebook around 2007 and by 2010, Australia had one of the highest take up of social networking sites like Facebook.

If you’re looking for a quick what to do to keep your public profile sanitised, PCWorld has a decent article¬†.

On top of that you might want to check your privacy setting to see just what kind of applications from days of yore are still hanging around leeching your data. I have 70 apps on mine and most were from clicking friends’ links.

I didn’t even realise I have Flixster on my list! Or they have this much access to my data! Delete, delete and purge it all away!

Oh and surprise, this shows up when trying to access the older apps to remember what exactly they were…

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