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Survey love – a love letter to Survey Gizmo

Workload had been insane lately and I barely had time to breathe this month. Being stranded in Melbourne one week and Gold Coast did not help in the least. It simply amazes me how bloody useless Virgin Blue’s site was when it comes to timely information. Which genius decides that the average stranded passenger would look under “About Us”, then “Press releases” as the most logical path for new information?

Jetstar at least put the latest news on their front banner, but I was not impressed that notification of cancellation was sent hours before my flight was due to go. It also says a lot that the most up to date information comes from their twitter account @jetstaraiways. Whoever was manning that account actually showed that there is a human side to the big, orange airline.

Enough about airlines and more about surveys! At one point,  the tool we were using  was SurveyMethods. It’s a nice little on-line survey tool, fairly inexpensive and has some nice basic features as well as built in timer for the survey, but it is incredibly limiting. The layouts are ugly for one thing, and it’s not possible to create a table containing different types of survey formats. An example being a table with radio buttons and drop downs or text as columns.

After I finished creating the survey, even I find the user experience was pretty average to say the least. Being in the age of software as a service, thankfully there are a number of competing tools on the market. Surveymonkey , the big gorilla in the current marketplace has some really nice features, but is only a step above from SurveyMethods. By happenstance, I received an email from Marketing Sherpa to complete an on-line survey for B2B and discovered Surveygizmo as a result.

For me, Surveygizmo’s biggest appeal is the question level skip logic. Most surveys only allows skip logic on a page level. This can be frustrating when I want the user to skip a question rather than an entire page which breaks the rhythm of the survey. What I love is the ability to pipe responses from one question to another. For example if in one question survey participant specifies “Other” and types an alternate answer, in another answer you can use their response to be part of the multiple choice.

Q1: Who are your favourite characters?

– Mini

– Mickey

– Other…Donald

Q2 How much time do you like watching the following character on TV?

– Mini

– Mickey

– Donald (piped from Question 1)

Other things that makes it stand out from the pack are:

  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Live survey edit (can still edit a survey when it’s accepting responses)
  • Multiple unique URLs to track response rate by different channels, e.g. email, Facebook or twitter

Relevant Insights and Socialbrite wrote a much more comprehensive comparison between various on-line survey tool. For me it’s the combination of price, functionality and reporting that made Surveygizmo be the top choice for me. It would be difficult to find a better survey tool, unless they have everything that Surveygizmo has to offer, with the added functionality of localising the survey based on the responden’t IP address.  Questions that features currencies or languages can definitely benefit from an automated localisation process.

As sad as it might sound I am currently watching the number of surveys completed go up on Surveygizmo and resetting the page every 5 minutes or so to check how people are going. So far the response rate has been gratifyingly better than the expected 1%, so can’t wait to start analysing the data properly!

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